Terms of Use for MyPeopleDoc ®


These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Terms of Use’) are intended to define the contractual relation between you (‘You’) and PeopleDoc.

These Terms of Use apply to the Documents, such as the electronic payslips and any other HR documents delivered by the Issuer to You, backups, and the archiving and management of electronic data which was originally in either digital or hard copy form, via the server operated by PeopleDoc.

You must accept these Terms of Use before You use MyPeopleDoc. You expressly acknowledge that You have read and accepted these Terms of Use.


Activity : refers to any activity in MyPeopleDoc restrictively defined as (i) any time You log into your MyPeopleDoc account and (ii) any document of any nature whatsoever, deposited by the Issuer in your MyPeopleDoc account.

MyPeopleDoc ® : Secure personal space allowing You to collect, send, route, distribute, make available, store, archive and view Digital Documents as well as deposit, archive and view Personal and Electronic Documents.

Documents : Digital Documents and Personal and Electronic Documents as defined below.

Digital Documents : refers to digital documents deposited by the Issuer in your MyPeopleDoc account in the context of the virtual payslip distribution service which You have signed up for.

Personal or Electronic Documents : refers to the digital documents that You deposit directly into MyPeopleDoc.

Personal data: Any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person. An ‘identifiable natural person’ is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to that natural person.

Issuer : refers to any person or entity authorised to issue the Digital Documents.

Service : Digital online secure personal space service offered by PeopleDoc, particularly as it regards receiving Digital Documents; saving, archiving and managing digital data whether originally in a digital or hard copy format; and depositing, saving, archiving and viewing Personal and Electronic Documents.

You: refers to any person using MyPeopleDoc.


MyPeopleDoc allows You to:

● Automatically receive Digital Documents from Issuers to whom You have given prior permission. You will be notified when Digital Documents are made available, at the email address provided by You;

● Deposit Personal and Electronic Documents in a personal storage space, limited to an initial storage capacity of ten (10) Gigabytes.

● Search, view, deposit, upload/download, file or share Documents.


For Digital Documents, You may use the Service (i) provided You are bound to the Issuer by an agreement to that entails issuing Digital Documents, and (ii) as long as the Issuer has offered to provide You with this Service.

The Service of receiving Digital Documents will, therefore, end whenever any of the following events occurs:

● The relationship binding You to the Issuer ends; or

● The Issuer ceases to use the Service, for any reason whatsoever; or

● Your MyPeopleDoc account is deleted, pursuant to Article 4 of these Terms of Use.

With respect to Personal and Electronic Documents, and subject to the provisions of Article 4 below, You may retain your MyPeopleDoc account indefinitely provided that Documents remain archived in it.

You may continue to access the Documents archived in MyPeopleDoc at the address www.mypeopledoc.com, or at any other address that may substitute it and which will be communicated to You by PeopleDoc, using the same login and the same password.


At any time, You may initiate the procedure to close your MyPeopleDoc account, thereby deleting all Digital Documents and Personal and Electronic Documents contained within it, and any associated data. You may carry out this procedure by submitting an email request to support@mypeopledoc.com or any other PeopleDoc user support email address which PeopleDoc provides to You.

You acknowledge that after downloading a Document from MyPeopleDoc, the probative value of this Document may be compromised as PeopleDoc will no longer be able to ensure the integrity of the downloaded Document.

4.1. Deletion request by email

Any email request to delete a MyPeopleDoc account must be accompanied by a scanned copy of a valid proof of identity without which PeopleDoc will be unable to comply with your request. A return receipt of your request to close your account will be sent to the email address You have provided to PeopleDoc.

Upon registration of your email request to completely delete your MyPeopleDoc account, You will have a period of thirty (30) days to retrieve your Documents by downloading them from MyPeopleDoc. At the end of this thirty (30) day period, all stored Documents will be destroyed, and your MyPeopleDoc account deleted.

4.2. Deletion of a MyPeopleDoc account at the initiative of PeopleDoc

Furthermore, any MyPeopleDoc account that is inactive for more than twelve (12) months, which no longer contains any Digital Documents deposited by an Issuer, may be closed by PeopleDoc if the notice of closure sent to the email address associated to the account remains unheeded for thirty (30) days.


You agree that the data related to the management of your settings in your MyPeopleDoc account (including the type of documents deposited, your choice to unsubscribe, as well as a record of the dates and times that these settings are modified) be sent to the Issuer and PeopleDoc as part of the Service provision.


The Service is free of charge for You. Nevertheless, all internet connection charges shall be borne by You, under the conditions set forth by your internet provider, as well as the cost of any tools necessary to view or read archived Documents.


In the context of a controlled access, MyPeopleDoc will be accessible 24/7, with availability subject to maintenance periods. PeopleDoc will ensure maximum Service availability to the best of its ability.

A user support service will also be made available to you, free of charge, at the following address: http://support.mypeopledoc.com . This service will be available on business days, Monday through Friday during working hours (9.30 am to 6.30 pm CET).

Furthermore, access to MyPeopleDoc may be subject to certain functionality restrictions depending on operating and maintenance requirements. In the event of an emergency and as a last resort, your access to MyPeopleDoc may be temporarily interrupted for any urgent maintenance operations.

In the event of any planned or unplanned outages of MyPeopleDoc, You will be informed with a message upon login to your MyPeopleDoc account.


Depending on the settings chosen by the Issuer, You accept to receive all or part of the Digital Documents electronically transmitted to your personal, secure MyPeopleDoc space. In this case, Digital Documents will be sent to your MyPeopleDoc account in PDF format or any other format compliant with current standards.


Given the likelihood of technological evolution, PeopleDoc will regularly verify that stored Digital Documents remain readable using at least one standard software available on the market, and which corresponds to a universal format, i.e., open or free. If technological evolution makes it impossible to read archived Digital Documents in their original format, PeopleDoc will carry out a migration to a new readable format, at its own expense, using a software that is standard at the time of migration.



The Issuer will choose between the two options below as means of obtaining your agreement for the set-up of the Service of electronic delivery your digital and archived payslips, as follows: the Issuer decides to obtain your consent prior to setting up the Service (‘Opt-in’); or (ii) the Issuer decides to give You the opportunity to refuse the Service prior to set-up (‘Opt-out’).

10.1.1. With prior consent (‘Opt-in’)

If the Issuer has chosen to get your consent before setting up the Service, You agree to your payslips being delivered electronically by accepting these Terms of Use.

If You decide to revoke your consent thereafter, you may do so at any time by configuring your settings in your MyPeopleDoc account. The Issuer will comply with your request (i.e., resumption of the delivery of hard-copy payslips) as quickly as possible, and no later than three (3) months following reception of your request.

10.1.2. Digital Documents by default (Opt-out)

If the Issuer has chosen to set up the electronic distribution of payslips by default You will have one (1) month from the date of notice by the Issuer, to refuse the Service before the first of your payslips is delivered electronically. You can inform the Issuer that You refuse the Service, either via MyPeopleDoc or through any other method that can be duly dated (addressing yourself to the Issuer directly).

Following this (1) month retraction period and once the electronic distribution service of the payslips is set up, two situations are also possible:

(i) In the absence of prior objection on your part, your payslips will be distributed electronically in your MyPeopleDoc account.

(ii) In the event of prior objection on your part, the activation of your MyPeopleDoc account entails acceptance payslip delivery in electronic format.

In both of the above situations, You have the option of revoking your consent at any time via MyPeopleDoc or any other method that can be duly dated (addressing yourself to the Issuer directly). The Issuer will comply with your request (i.e., resumption of the delivery of hard-copy payslips) as quickly as possible, and no later than three (3) months following reception of your request.

Your employer may decide that the option to return to paper payslips, as described above, will not be available in your MyPeopleDoc account settings. In this case, You must submit your request directly to your employer.


Payslips will be stored in MyPeopleDoc for at least fifty (50) years from the date they are first deposited, even if You subsequently decide to go back to receiving hard-copy payslips.

During this payslip retention period, You will be free to view, print, download and/or share your payslips.

The provisions of this article will continue to be valid after expiry of these Terms of Use.


In the event that the Service is discontinued because PeopleDoc ceases trading, You will be notified at least three (3) months prior to the definitive cessation of service. During this period you will be able to retrieve all your stored payslips without needing to perform complex or repetitive actions, and in a structured electronic format that is commonly used.


PeopleDoc commits to ensure access to Documents, as well as their readability, their integrity and their confidentiality, in the best possible conditions available at any given time.

PeopleDoc shall not be held liable for any indirect harm, such as loss of revenue or interest, which You might suffer. PeopleDoc is not liable for any malfunctions or problems in accessing your MyPeopleDoc account following events of force majeure, as defined by applicable laws and jurisprudence.

You are liable for the use of your login and password and for their safekeeping.

You are personally liable for the risks associated with their disclosure or misuse. You must therefore, and in your own interest, take any measures that You consider necessary to guarantee the security and strictest confidentiality of your login details. PeopleDoc strongly recommends that You do not communicate your login and password to any third party.

Furthermore, PeopleDoc shall not be held liable for the unauthorized access by a third party to your MyPeopleDoc account using your access code. In this event, should You request to block access to your MyPeopleDoc account, and until PeopleDoc issues a new access code, access to your MyPeopleDoc account will be temporarily suspended.

PeopleDoc shall not be held liable for the unauthorized access to your MyPeopleDoc accout by a third person who might be in possession of the access codes to the email linked to your MyPeopleDoc account and who uses that information in bad faith by making use of the ‘ I forgot my password’option.

You hereby waive any claim due to any damage resulting from the loss, theft, unauthorised use or spoofing of your login and password for the email linked to your MyPeopleDoc account.

If You change your email address, You undertake to notify PeopleDoc by personally updating this information in the appropriate section in your MyPeopleDoc account. Furthermore, You declare that You are the sole owner of your MyPeopleDoc account and of the Documents stored within it.

Morover, PeopleDoc shall not be liable for the content of the Documents deposited in MyPeopleDoc whenever PeopleDoc is not the author or the Issuer of said Documents.

Furthermore, it is specified that sensitive data such as details concerning racial or ethnic origin, political, philosophical or religious affiliations, trade union membership, health or sexuality, must not be stored in MyPeopleDoc, since PeopleDoc is not a sensitive data host.

In addition, it is forbidden to deposit any content of illegal nature, or which may harm the rights of third parties, or which is contrary to good morals or public order, in MyPeopleDoc. PeopleDoc shall not be held liable for illegal content stored in your MyPeopleDoc account and reserves the right to suspend any account that breaches these provisions, and therefore suspend any associated access.

Anyone who becomes aware of the existence of illegal content in MyPeopleDoc can and should alert PeopleDoc through PeopleDoc's support feature, so that PeopleDoc can take the necessary steps to manage and remedy the situation, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

For example, PeopleDoc should be made aware of the following offenses:

- Advocacy for crimes against humanity and war crimes;

- Terrorism and/or advocacy of terrorism;

- Incitement to discrimination, hatred or racial violence;

- Child pornography;

- Messages of a violent or pornographic nature or of a nature likely to seriously violate human dignity, when the message is likely to be seen or perceived by a minor.


Data collected in the context of providing the MyPeopleDoc Service shall be subject to data processing intended to (i) deliver and store Digital Documents sent to You, which have been generated by the Issuer in a digital format and (ii) store Personal Electronic Documents You have deposited in your MyPeopleDoc account.

By accepting these Terms of Use, You consent to have your personal data collected, transmitted, processed and stored for the purposes of providing the MyPeopleDoc service. You can find out more about PeopleDoc's data protection and privacy practices in the PeopleDoc Services Privacy Policy here.

Generally, You are entitled to access, change, rectify or delete any of your data. You may object to the processing of this data, by providing legitimate reasons. You may also give specific instructions on how You would like your rights to be exercised after your death.

To exercise your rights and obtain access to your personal data, You may write directly to privacy@people-doc.com or to PEOPLEDOC SAS, 53 rue Hauteville, 75010 Paris or any other postal address which may substitute it during the applicable term of the Terms of Use.

In any event, You must provide a valid proof of identity such as a copy of an identity card, a passport or a driver’s license. PeopleDoc requires this information in order to confirm that it is communicating with You and You alone.

PeopleDoc undertakes to take any and all useful precautions in order to ensure the security of Documents and, in particular, to prevent them from being damaged, distorted or disclosed to unauthorised people. PeopleDoc subjects itself to regular audits and has obtained certifications (including ISO 27001) to guarantee that the design and operations of the Service comply with the strictest protection measures.

PeopleDoc will, to the best of its ability, (i) comply with the following obligations and (ii) ensure compliance to the following regulations on the part of its staff:

● To not make any copies of Documents, except as necessary for the fulfilment of these Terms of Use;

● To not use the Documents for any purposes other than those specified in these Terms of Use;

● To not disclose the Documents to any third parties whatsoever, irrespective of whether these are public or private persons, individuals or legal entities;

● To take any and all useful measures to avoid all fraudulent use of these Documents during the applicable term of these Terms of Use.

● To take any useful security measures, particularly concerning hardware security, to ensure the safekeeping and integrity of Documents during the applicable term of these Terms of Use.

PeopleDoc undertakes to inform You of any security breach having a direct impact on the processing of personal data. This notification shall be sent promptly upon discovery of any such security breach.


PeopleDoc grants You a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable licence to access and use MyPeopleDoc, limited to the Services subscribed to by the Issuer for your account, worldwide, subject to other provisions of these Terms of Use.

You acknowledge that You have no rights whatsoever on the object and source codes of the Services and MyPeopleDoc which are and shall remain the exclusive property of PeopleDoc.


When You browse MyPeopleDoc, information may be recorded or read on your terminal using cookies, based on the choices selected in your browser. MyPeopleDoc employs web analysis services that use "cookies", i.e. text files that are saved on your computer and which analyse the use of a website. Information about your use of this website (including your IP address) generated by the cookie is transferred and stored on a server.

These services use this information to evaluate your use of MyPeopleDoc in order to compile reports for PeopleDoc on the activity on the website. These services may also transfer such information to third parties, to the extent legally specified or to the extent that third parties process such data. These services will not link your IP address to any other data recorded by them.

By accepting these Terms of Use, You agree and consent to the processing of Data collected about You by these services in the manner described above, and for the purposes described above. You can object to the collection and registration of data by these services by visiting this page.

PeopleDoc therefore undertakes to obtain your prior consent, in accordance with legal provisions, before setting up any tracker which requires your prior knowledge and agreement.


PeopleDoc may log your activity within your MyPeopleDoc account for security purposes, specially so that You may identify any third-party access to your account that occurs without your knowledge. Activity logs may be held in an identifiable form by PeopleDoc for no more than one (1) year and shall be permanently destroyed when your MyPeopleDoc account is deleted.


All data (personal or not) shall be hosted by one of PeopleDoc’s partners, dedicated to hosting and located within the territory of the European Economic Area (“EEA”).

PeopleDoc ensures that no personal data shall be transferred outside of the EEA, either by PeopleDoc, its own sub-processors, or any person or company acting under its authority or on its behalf.

As an exception to the paragraph above, and strictly limited to the performance of the Services, PeopleDoc is authorised to use data processing resources located in countries that are not within the EEA, provided that PeopleDoc, and if applicable, its sub-processors, are in compliance with European and national regulations in terms of personal data transfer and in particular, if necessary, by implementing binding corporate policies and/or entering into standard contractual clauses according with the provisions established by the European Commission relating to the transfer of personal data to sub-processors based in third countries. PeopleDoc shall ensure that its own sub-processors comply with these requirements. If required by local legislation or the data protection authority, any data transfer must be subject to prior authorisation by the competent personal data protection authority.


PeopleDoc reserves the right to adapt or modify the range of services offered in MyPeopleDoc. Any change shall come into effect on the date it is uploaded and made available online.

PeopleDoc reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use. Any change will come into effect on the date it is made available online. You shall be notified of any such changes upon your next login to MyPeopleDoc following the update, when you first log in after the update and before you can proceed to using MyPeopleDoc.


These Terms of Use have been established in several languages, including French. The version that has priority for interpreting these Terms of Use shall be the French language version.


Without any prejudice to any applicable law for the maintenance of public order and/or any applicable international public order provision, the applicable law of these Terms of Use is the French law, without regard to its rules on conflict of law.

In the event of a dispute, exclusive jurisdiction is attributed to French courts.